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Total number of questions in this CCNA dumps is around 700 with explanation. Download link given below after questions.

Some sample questions with explanation.


A medium-sized company has a Class C IP address. It has two Cisco routers and one non-Cisco router. All three routers are using RIP version 1. The company network is using the block of The company has decided it would be a good idea to split the network into three smaller subnets and create the
option of conserving addresses with VLSM. 

What is the best course of action if the company wants to have 40 hosts in each of the three subnets?

A. Convert all the routers to EIGRP and use,, and as the new subnetworks.
B. Maintain the use of RIP version 1 and use,, and as the new subnetworks.
C. Convert all the routers to EIGRP and use,, and as the new subnetworks.
D. Convert all the routers to RIP version 2 and use,, and as the new subnetworks.
E. Convert all the routers to OSPF and use,, and as the new subnetworks.
F. Convert all the routers to static routes and use,, and as the new subnetworks.

Correct Answer: D

Explanation:(As given in CCNA Dumps)

This company implemented the routing protocol RIP version 1 at the start, but RIP version2 is the best choice for it due to small-scale, first, it needs less configuration when modifying, which will least affect the network; second, RIP version2 supports classless routing, fully satisfying the requirements.


Select the action that results from executing these commands.
Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security
Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address sticky

A. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the startup-configuration file.
B. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the running-configuration file.
C. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the VLAN database.
D. Statically configured MAC addresses are saved in the startup-configuration file if frames from that address are received.
E. Statically configured MAC addresses are saved in the running-configuration file if frames from that address are received.

Correct Answer: B


In the interface configuration mode, the command switchport port-security mac-address sticky enables sticky learning. When entering this command, the interface converts all the dynamic secure MAC addresses to sticky secure MAC addresses.


The corporate head office has a teleconferencing system that uses VOIP(voice over IP) technology. This system uses UDP as the transport for the data transmissions. If these UDP datagrams arrive at their destination out of sequence, what will happen?

A. UDP will send an ICMP information Request to the source host.
B. UDP will pass the information in the datagrams up to the next OSI layer in the order that they arrive.
C. UDP will drop the datagrams.
D. UDP will use the sequence numbers in the datagram headers to reassemble the data in the correct order.

Correct Answer: B

Explanation:(As given in CCNA Dumps)

VOIP systems utilize UDP because it is faster and uses less overhead. In addition, the reliable transport mechanism used in TCP is useless to VOIP because if a packet gets dropped and needs to be resent, it will be already too late.

UDP provides a service for applications to exchange messages. Unlike TCP, UDP is connectionless and provides no reliability, no windowing, and no reordering of the received data . However, UDP provides some functions of TCP , such as data transfer, segmentation, and multiplexing using port numbers, and it does so
with fewer bytes of overhead and with less processing required. UDP data transfer differs from TCP data transfer in that no reordering or recovery is accomplished. 
Applications that use UDP are tolerant of lost data,
or they have some application mechanism to recover data loss.
ReferencE. CCNA Self-Study CCNA INTRO exam certification Guide (Cisco Press, ISBN 1- 58720-094-5)Page 161.

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CCNA PDF | Download all CCNA files in PDF Format

Hello all!! I found that so many people was asking for CCNA Study material and dumps in PDF format so I have decided to write a blog post with all CCNA study material in PDF format. Here you will find CCNA PDF file for dumps, Simulator, Subnetting tutorial and Todd Lammle Book.

CCNA PDF:- Lab Sims  :- Sims are very important for getting good marks in CCNA test because it costs around 80 - 100 points for one sims. CCNA exam contains 3 sims namely ACL2, EIGRP and VTP so you need to understand all the concepts carefully before going to exam. They contains huge marks and you must not take too much time to solve one sims, practice sims carefully and try to solve it within 15 min in real exam.

So that 15 x 3 = 45 min for sims and remaining 45 min for objective questions.

Download Latest Sims question in PDF format from below link.


This CCNA dumps contains around 600 questions and updated on 22 April with all latest questions. Do not memorize dumps but try to understand the concept behind each and every questions and try to solve subnetting questions as many time as possible, In real exam you have only 1.5 min to solve subnetting questions and you may get new IP address, so once again dont memorize subnetting questions but practice as much as you can.

Subnetting tutorial: very well, easy, self learning and best tutorial ever i have found.

I bet that you will master the subnetting concepts in less than 2 hr by this method.


CCNA PDF : Todd Lammle Book Latest Edition

This book is bible for CCNA and must have for evey CCNA taker, this book is completely updated for the latest CCNA 640-802 exam. Understand CCNA concepts with lively examples, hands on and written labs, easy-to-understand analogies, and real-world scenarios that will not only help you prepare for the exam, but also give you a solid foundation as a Cisco networking professional.This Study Guide teaches you following topics in pure depth:-

  • All about network and how a network works.
  • All switching concepts with labs on Configure, verify and troubleshoot a switch with VLANs and inter switch communications.
  • Full implementation of IP addressing scheme to meet network requirements in a medium-size Enterprise branch office network.
  • Configuration and troubleshooting of basic router operation and routing on Cisco devices.
  • Explain and select the appropriate administrative tasks required for a WLAN
  • Clear explanation on security threats and its identification in real world.
  • Implementing, Configuring and Understanding NAT and ACLs in a medium-size Enterprise branch office network.
  • Implement and verify WAN links.
  • IPv6 full explanation.
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CompTIA 220-801 Dumps A+ Certification Exam Updated 2013

Name of the Exam -- CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

Exam Number-- CompTIA 220-801

PDF Download Link Given Below, Dumps Updated April 2013

Some Question From Latest 220-801 Dumps


Which of the following would require the need for a POTS line?

A. Modem
B. Router
C. Switch
D. Hub

Correct Answer: A

220-702 CompTia A+ Dumps Updated 2013

Name of the Exam- CompTia A+ Practical Application(2009)
Exam Number-- 220-702

PDF Dumps(Updated April 2013) Download Link Given Below.

Some Important Questions From Dumps.


A technician is installing a memory upgrade for a remote user. The technician notes that the machine is not reporting the correct amount of memory that was installed during the POST step. Which of the following actions should the technician perform FIRST?

A. Replace the newly installed memory modules with another known-working unit.
B. Remove and reseat the memory, and recheck the memory reported.
C. Leave the configuration intact, and check cabling to ensure nothing was loose during the installation.
D. Perform a BIOS upgrade on the machine.

Correct Answer: B


Microsoft 70-687 Dumps Configuring Windows 8 Updated 2013

Download Link for Microsoft 70-687 Dumps Configuring Windows 8  is given below. Dumps updated April 2013 with new Questions.

File Format PDF

Some questions from 70-687 Dumps.


A company has 100 client computers that run Windows XP 64-bit Edition. You are deploying new computers that run a 32-bit version of Windows 8. You need to transfer the contents of each user's Documents folder to the new computer by using the least amount of administrative effort.

What should you do?

A. Back up the folders by running the NTBackup command.
Then restore the backup to the new computer.
B. Manually copy the folder content to a USB flash drive.
Then paste the files to the new computer.
C. Use Windows Easy Transfer.
D. Use the User State Migration Tool.

Correct Answer: B

Microsoft 70-414 dumps Updated 2013 (Advanced Server)

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Some Important Questions from Latest Microsoft 70-414 dumps, Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure.


Your network contains five servers that run Windows Server 2012. You install the Hyper-V server role on the servers. You create an external virtual network switch on each server. You plan to deploy five virtual machines to each Hyper-V server.
Each virtual machine will have a virtual network adapter that is connected to the external virtual network switch and that has a VLAN identifier of 1. Each virtual machine will run Windows Server 2012. All of the virtual machines will run the identical web
You plan to install the Network Load Balancing (NLB) feature on each virtual machine and join each virtual
machine to an NLB cluster. The cluster will be configured to use unicast only. You need to ensure that the NLB feature can distribute connections across all of the virtual machines.

What should you do?